Megan Tolar joins Blue Valley Southwest High School

Megan Tolar joins Blue Valley Southwest High School

Sarah Fifield, Managing Editor

Along with 258 other students, Megan Tolar walked into Blue Valley Southwest on Aug. 17, ready to begin her freshman year. Tolar, who previously attended Pleasant Ridge Middle School, is one of many freshmen who were given a mandatory transfer to Southwest.

“I was pretty much going to go wherever they told me,” Tolar said.

Although she wasn’t given a choice, Tolar is making the best of what she was given.

“I think [attending Southwest] gives you more of an opportunity,” she said.

Beginning high school is, for some, overwhelming, but Tolar has taken to the new opportunities quickly.

“If I hadn’t joined Marching Band, I wouldn’t have a date to Homecoming, and I definitely wouldn’t have as many friends as I do right now,” Tolar said. “I’m friends with so many seniors from [Marching Band] and I just feel so accepted.”

Along with marching band, Tolar plans to add Kay Club, Student Council and softball, as well as many other activities, to her schedule this school year.

Entering Southwest as a freshman may place students back at the beginning, but starting at a school along with 258 other students allows Tolar to feel more at ease.

“I can always talk to people if I need help with a homework problem or get lost in the halls,” she said. “Having someone to sit by at lunch definitely helps you feel more grounded and not confused.”

Even though she is in a brand new setting with new teachers and classes, Tolar is becoming quickly accustomed to her surroundings.

“I have hit the ground running and I plan to stay ahead,” she said. “I just could not be happier where I am right now. I walk into school and I’m happy to be here.”