Top Ten Best Unknown Books

Katie Lucas, journalism student

October 21, 2013

Many a book reader has gone to the library, card in hand, glanced around and thought, “What now?” When you’re an avid reader and have read most of the popular and common books at the library, finding new gems can be hard...

Teachers and Social Media

Kylie Jennings, journalism student

October 21, 2013

Jared Zuckerman, Blue Valley Southwest debate coach, logs into Facebook; the notification icon glares a startlingly bright shade of red that easily attracts his attention. He clicks on the BVSW Debate and Forensics page, and is...

Student Author Publishes Book

Lillie Hoffart, Journalism Student

October 21, 2013

They are everywhere. Standing in line at the grocery store. Sitting across the room at the movie theatre. Living just a few houses down the street. Anyone can be an author. People just need to know where to look. Catlaina...

Manga and it’s Place in your School

Katie Lucas, 21st Century Journalism Student

September 25, 2013

All across America, the question of whether manga should be allowed into classrooms is becoming an interesting debate.  In several classrooms throughout high schools and middle schools, the question whether or not manga, a Jap...

Locals look to different sources for books

Lillie Hoffart, journalism student

September 25, 2013

In Kansas City, there are many different local places to get books; libraries and bookstores. Consumers may now have to look to different sources for their literature as the book world is changing. A popular choice for ...

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